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The Sham(e) of Democracy, Dilli Ishtyle

March 19, 2013

Democracy, representative democracy, is a compromise. People who think like me support it only because every other practical form of government seems to be worse. But then there are different styles of representative democracy.

The Indian version of the Westminster model elects representatives, who are declared elected if they garner the largest number of votes. Say 60% of the electorate votes, and a candidate who gets, say,  30% of the polled votes gets elected because no other candidate has as many votes. Therefore a candidate chosen by 18% of the registered adult voters represents 100% of them, as well as those too young to vote, and may be a few unregistered adults too.

And the ruling ministry is formed by political parties;  matters are voted in the house along party lines, with party whips enforcing the will of the dominant strong man or woman of some rag-tag party. So much for vox populi, so much for the will of the people.

So far, so bad.

But again, look at the material (sic) that gets elected. Look at the Lok Sabha sitting on the 19th of March, 2013. The house rocks to the prurient wit of a member who has distinguished himself in the past claiming that the Women’s Reservation Bill would help only “choti-bal-wali-auraten” (short-haired-women). Short haired women who might dare think something their lords and masters do not want them to. In the first place, they (the lords and masters) wanted them (the short-haired-women) to wear their hair long, you see.

About stalking women, he says, “Who among us has not stalked…” and the great assembly of exalted MPs, geriatric man(sic)-kind, roars in approval. The Minister for Home is shown smirking in enjoyment by the Lok Sabha TV. And he goes on to suggest women enjoy it. Possibly he has a theory that it is the biological behaviour that perpetuates the human race. But we thought the development of the frontal lobe of the cerebrum… oh, forget it. It is not developed for all of us.

A few hours earlier, a female guest in a hotel in Agra had jumped out of the window of a second-floor room to escape the amorous attention of the owner of the enterprise. Would this gentleman have roared again, “Who among us has not…?” Do not cast stones.

And what were the women-MPs, the woman-speaker, doing?

Hang down your head, you fool, I tell myself. Hang down your head and cry.

Every other form of government is worse…


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  1. pooja permalink

    hard hitting….beautifully written

    • Thank you. My blog does not travel far. Wish more people reacted to the likes of these worthies and public discourse took note of such.

  2. Induchoodan permalink

    These politician should enact a new law: Right to stalk. Can any self respecting Indian male marry a girl without a little bit of jhed-jhad (filmi style). And then what about use of a little bit of kerosene.Can a khandani mother in law keep her bahu under control without a dash of kerosene and a lighted match stick. So we should have another law enacted solely for the mothers-in-law called “right to light (match stick)”. Samajwadi party and JD(U) can usher in other bills to protect the most harassed male members of their society like : right to dowry, right to female infanticide, right to easy parole and bail for hardened rapists. The list is too long.

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