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The Cutty Sark

May 30, 2012

So we had landed in England without much event. The flight was a long haul, 11 hours from Colombo. I wondered how people could travel half way round the world in airliners.

I have never seen the Arctics but well, this looked like pictures of Arctic ice to me, but it is only the clouds below us somewhere northwest of Turkey.

And we installed ourselves in the East Dulwich home of our son and daughter-in-law. It just so happened that his parents-in-law have also chosen to be here now, from Samara, Russia. So we have a family get-together for a week here. Rare fun, as we do not see each other except like this.

Well, we have to compulsorily go sightseeing. Don’t we?

I had heard of the Cutty Sark in my childhood. The clipper with its multiple sails was an image I had seen early.

But no, I had not heard about it because she had any daunting history, but because a modest scotch blend with the name exists. That had to be legend in Kerala!

So it was with a lot of anticipation that we set out to Greenwich to see the museum creted on the old Cutty Sark. She had sailed under British and Portuguese flags and had finally settled down as a museum at Greenwich in 1954. It had become run down and has now been restored a month ago.

Well, the ship has been well restored, the rusted iron frames cleaned and painted well, the timber replaced, brand new brass cladding added to the hull.

It is a working day, and we see few people, and all those we see are older folk like us.

After a repast at a Mexican joint, we try to decide whether to take in a view of the Greenwich Royal Observatory or take a cruise on the Thames. Well, the longitude here has been decided by them as 0, but we decide that the cruise is a better idea today.

Off we go on a boat. Fast twin-hulled clipper ferries run circles around us and we bob up and down in their wake.

We make our way up to the barrier erected some twenty years ago to stop the floods. On the way we idly take a look at the Millennium Dome. There are also towers in the City of Citi, HSBC, Barclays and many others where as they say the bankers get their bonuses and the tax payers take the hits.

They are now setting up cable cars for the 2012 Olympics. I have my pix but the BBC can do better:

We pass these contraptions, take a U-turn around the barrier and come back to Greenwich and the Royal Naval college, now in disuse.

So passes Day 1. There will eventually be more pictures in a Picasa link yet to come!


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  1. Sid permalink

    That was Canary Wharf you saw, not the City

    • Sure, I stand corrected. But the towers were there, though not in the City! And the bonuses keep getting paid regardless of what happens to anyone else.

  2. Hemlatha Mohan permalink

    Thanks for the pics- enjoy!

  3. Rajasekharan permalink

    I had heard that the Cutty Sark was damaged in fire a few years ago (of course post 2004). What is left of the old one to be ‘restored’? They had moved some parts away for restortion/repairs, and possibly could have escaped the fire.

    Enjoy the days.

  4. Setty permalink

    I too like the pictures and your notes

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