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To Europe

May 27, 2012

At long last, we are embarking on a journey to mainland Europe. One that we had but seen in the old Social Studies texts for study in school, or seen later in other books. Or movies. A land ravaged by two horrendous wars in the last century, and iron entered the soul.

We will set up base in London where the Queen will celebrate 60 years as Queen shortly. But while she does that, we plan to drift into mainland Europe that has alternately been an enemy and a friend of England through time.

We plan to travel to the Vltava (how is that pronounced?) and Prague. And look at the Balkans to the south, but not really go down. Like stout Cortez did in Peru. Perhaps if we had time, we would have travelled to the old home of Count Dracula in the Carpathians. But we do plan to travel down to the blue Danube and Vienna.

Then back to London through Berlin, perchance to take a look at the Wall or the Reichstag.

Maybe we will explore Northern Ireland.

That will be about three weeks away from the heat of Chennai, where it has climbed to 43. I see London is a pleasant 16 at 3:00 in the morning, and Prague, 11 at 4:00, while it is 32 at 7:30 where I sit in Chennai, right now.

Tailpiece: John Donne’s hymn says, If a clod be washed away by the sea/ Europe is the less. I hope no clod gets washed away before we reach there.


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  1. Thangam permalink

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Hemlatha Mohan permalink

    Wow – have a lovely time- we shall miss your blogs ( hi funda economics?) for a while!

  3. Setty permalink

    Warriere ! Have a great holiday.U seem to never change as irreverent as ever ! just look around carefully…Europe,including UK, is in recession now with possible exception of Germany.So hopefully you find less crowds wherever you go.Czechs are doing fine, I think.

  4. Balchan permalink

    Have a great holiday. Bon Voyage !

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