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M(ad) Wars

January 26, 2012


Ratan Tata’s successor will be his son Mukesh Ambani.

The Hindu has released some ads showing people being quizzed on current affairs and general info and drawing a blank, or saying stuff like the above. But they are all experts on page 3 people and Bollywood! Of course, they all read the Times! So stay ahead of the times with us.
The Times of India brought it about by targetting The Hindu first, I am told.

The DNA probably takes pride in saying Bollywood coverage and page three people are the essence of life.

And all these people are targetting the middle classes – is there a commentary on the world in it – the perception of people’s needs by the newsaperwallahs, and the apparent social reality in Mumbai and Chennai?

Forget all this, and enjoy the stuff. Yes, the ads on Youtube are enjoyable. It is easiest for me to point you to this blog and this blog – they also contain good comments. The second link also shows an example of use of a finger in the ad wars by, of all people, imagine, Bentley!


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  1. Ravi permalink

    At least there are still newspapers that are being read by people – no matter how poor they might be! In 2009 or 2010 Seattle became the first major US city to not have a daily newspaper! One of the most popular “news” channels (Fox News) has defended its right (successfully) to free speech – meaning they can say anything that isn’t true – because they have an “entertainment” license and not a “news” license for broadcasting. For entertainment, you can say anything! Of course, purely for entertainment – such pronouncements should not be considered news.

    Our newspapers follow the political process in the same way they follow films. You will see photos of Rahul Gandhi or Sonia or someone else at a rally splashed on Page 1, but very little of the reporting will focus on any issue discussed – maybe because no issues are 😉 Perhaps this also explains why film stars are fairly successful in Indian politics

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