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Corking! How to use Toilet Paper in Norway!

January 19, 2012

I wouldn’t have believed it if it was just reportage of the British Daily Mail. Headlines Today and NDTV have also reported it. Two and a  half year old Abhignan and wait, just four-months-old Aiswarya were taken away by the Child Protection Agency in Norway from their parents last May. For feeding the children with their hands and sleeping in the same bed. Father Anurup Bhattacharya said over Headlines Today that they took away the children because his wife Sagarika, the mother,  “was not taking good care of the children, because the connection between the mother and child is not good.”

So how do Norwegians eat a sandwich?

“My husband is Norwegian. I can confirm he eats his sandwich with a knife and fork, as does he hamburgers. Yes, it’s all a bit worrying. And I married him!” says a woman from Bromley, UK in a response to the news item in the Daily Mail. How would they feed sandwiches to their children? “Maybe they use tongs to put the sandwich bits into their children’s mouth!” speculates another.

Another comment in the Daily Mail summarised what kids have to do in Norway to avoid being taken away by the social workers: “it means they have to walk in a ‘bunad’ on May 17 coz that is what Norwegians do” and “kids should start drinking ferociously at a young age coz that is what Norwegians do”.

I know Norwegians do not use water to clean themselves, except perhaps soak in their own filth in a bathtub for half an hour or so once in a while. I was wondering how they use toilet paper – is it with their hands or tongs? And do they throw away the tongs after use?

I have heard of a bizarre case of a baby having been directly taken away at birth by the State Child Welfare Agency in Newark, New Jersey, USA, a couple of months ago. Reason: its three elder children had Adolf Hitler, Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler as parts of their names. But eating with your hands or feeding your child with your hands may not quite qualify there as Kentucky Fried Chicken is, or at least was touted as “finger lickin’ good.” Although someone did observe that Americans prefer to sleep with their pets than their children.

And the Pravda reports from Russia that a Russian woman told them of her experience in Norway:  “During the court hearings, the judge told me: ‘We give you residence permit, and you give us your son.’ ”

It is a scandal. From all accounts, the Norwegian child protection services appear to violate human rights in the most horrible way. The children taken away by the social workers are not permitted to have contact with their biological parents more than about twice a year, and that too for an hour each.

I would join the comments of an incensed observer: The social workers and the Norwegian Government should all be horse whipped.

Tailpiece: Today’s gems: One, Suresh Kalmadi is out of Tihar jail on bail. There is a wag who now says it is just in time so he can go and conduct the Olympics in London. And second, another wag’s observation: In India, the government decides the age of the Army Chief. In Pakistan, the Army Chief decides the age of the government.


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  1. Anders Breivik permalink

    Indeed. I would have written a longer comment but it’s a bit hard to type with the tongs in my left hand.

  2. Induchoodan permalink

    Call them hygiene fundamentalist !

  3. Thangam permalink

    I am aghast and dismayed over the news of the Bhattacharya kids. Do you have any further info on them? Did the parents take up the matter with the Indian Embassy? Are the kids free now and have they managed to return to India? Please do a bit of research and keep us posted.

    • Further news? Nix.
      Shashi Tharoor says he “believes the Embassy is intervening” (reply to a private mail someone I know sent him). He is no longer the minister for anything,

    • Shashi Tharoor tweets on 23rdJan:

      Spoke to old friend Norway FM Jonas Store about case of Indian couple whose children have been taken away.Expressed my concern;personal call
      FM Store got back2me today 2say case more complicated than reported in Indian media.But he is now conscious of the issue&will give it attn

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