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Budha Luit, Bowa Kiyo?

November 6, 2011

Bhupen Hazarika is dead.

He was a composer, singer, film director…

His music has featured in Bangla and Hindi in addition to his native Assamese. The one song he created on inspiration from Ol’ Man River  achieved a cult status and leftists loved it. The lyrics lamented the condition of society and wondered, NIkhobde Nirobe, Budha Luit, Bowa Kio? – why Budha Luit (the Brahmaputra – it became the Ganga in the Bengali and Hindi versions, in place of the Mississippi of Ol’ Man River) flowed quietly, why it did not empower the weak, make them combative against injustice.

I liked his Megh Thom Thom Kore (Bangla) more. He used the same tune for Dil Hoon Hoon Kare in the Hindi film Rudali.

WordPress doesn’t permit me, or I would put a clip of the Bangla version of the Ol’ Man River-inspired song here.

He will long be remembered by people like me.


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  1. Hey mate! Amazing website ! I really liked reading it.

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