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Mayawati’s Statuary

October 28, 2011

The trigger for this blog is the other banshee in Kolkatta, whose government claims the earlier governments in the state for 32 years are responsible, if, as a rule, three premature infants share one incubator in government hospitals and most of them die, and scores of children perish in those hospitals each day.

Mayawati inaugurated parks with statues of elephants and herself with of course, those of Kanshiram and others, in a park in NOIDA that reportedly cost about ₹6850000000 about two weeks ago.

I put in the amount without the customary comma separators that make large numbers more readable, just so at least some of my readers may be struck by the enormity of the expenditure, while trying to count the zeroes.

There is nothing new in statuary or monument building, even as the people at large are in misery. Otherwise we would not have had our Taj Mahals or other huge mausoleums or palaces, including the Rashtrapati’s palace that tries to stay unnoticed by pretending to be a bhavan. The British would call it a Viceregal palace.

The Russian communists and their sympathisers also specialised in enormous statuary, to represent the triumph of the proletariat – in Russia or Indonesia or India.

So it does not matter that nearly 500 children have died of encephalitis this monsoon season in Uttar Pradesh.

The state has allocated, I believe, ₹22 crore to fight the disease. The state has spent, I believe, about ₹2500 crore for the statuary and smarak sthals and parivartan sthals.

And how much is the tax benefit passed on to F1 racing or cricket matches?

Tailpiece: A banshee in Irish legend would emit her raucous cry to forewarn of a death.

This, my cry in the wilderness, wants to acknowledge that neither of my banshees really foretold any deaths. They promised health and happiness, if anything.


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  1. Induchoodan permalink

    I agree. It is obscene. But why are people so passive. The biggest challenge we face in the country is to find a way to rouse the righteous indignation simmering in the hearts of the people.

  2. Thangam permalink

    Keep writing, I enjoy your blogs. One suggestion – please download the rupee symbol so that you can avoid using all sorts of geometrical figures.


    • I have used the approved Unicode UTF 6.0 character U+20B9 – (HTML &#8377) for the current rupee sign ₹. The old sign “Rs” was allotted U+20A8 – (HTML &#8360). This has been allotted at the request of the Government of India, and should be available with key-combination Alt-Gr+4 on computers. (Alt Gr is the Alt key you will find to the right of the space bar). I think you need to upgrade to a UTF 6.0 compliant browser.

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