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The World’s Priorities

October 9, 2011

I remember having seen a photo of a barefoot child holding a Kalashnikov automatic outside a Palestinian refugee camp, somewhere in an issue of the Life magazine of the late 60’s. It had an accompanying commentary about the priority of having shoes and guns. I could not get the picture on the net despite a lot of Life stuff being now archived and available. Of course there is a currently running TV ad spot that shows two African boys playing football with automatic guns serving as goal posts and the commentary saying diamonds are stealing the childhood of African children.

The childhood of millions of children is stolen by lots of things like diamonds, need for fine carpets, matches, fireworks or knitware. And eateries and automobile workshops. And wars.

They are the “proximate” cause in the language of the insurance guys, but the root cause would appear to be avarice and lust for power.

This train of thought was triggered by Shobhan Saxena’s article in today’s Times of India wondering why the Indian Government’s new inexpensive tablet has been given the same name as its expensive guided surface-to-air missile. The Akash missile is expected to cost the government about ₹23,000 crore.

The Akash tablet is to cost the government about ₹2300 apiece. The government could have acquired 10 crore Akash tablets for the price. Or fed all the poor for months.

Wars must have cost the world more than anything else. Are they the cause of all misery?


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  1. Induchoodan permalink

    I would put it the other way round. The wars are the direct outcome of the conflicts within each of us.

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