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Science Out in the Open

October 5, 2011

The news about faster-than-light neutrinos has been carried so widely in the lay press that it is good publicity for scientists who work in relative darkness, away from public view. Usually they get it only when a Nobel comes. And this year’s Nobel for Physics is going for work on dark matter and dark energy too!

There must be a lot of articles going around, and I found two that I liked:

The first one is from Radio Liberty of Radio Free Europe. Interview with James Gillies, spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research

The other one is from the Guardian of the UK:

Why I think it has been good for science is because both of them have elicited response from a large number of non-scientists. I hope other articles in the press and over the web must also have drawn such interest.

It should perhaps warm the cockles of Indian hearts that a disproportionately large number for the first one from Radio Liberty (they give the country of the commenter) seems to be from India. Have we created such scientific temper in the country?

There are comments from people who claim the experiment proves what they have always known – that Einstein was wrong. There are people who claim they have already proved him wrong. Perhaps you would like to go to the websites and read them.

Tailpiece: But there was this one comment which I thought should be accessible to all my readers in the comfort-zone of my own excellent blog, without having to go surfing elsewhere.

For its incisive analysis, abundant clarity, cogency of thought and argument, exemplary language – spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax.. Read it here.

[Commenter’s name withheld for protection of privacy] from india_gujarat_ahmedabad

here is just my thoughts i don’t know whats the reality

here is most interesting result of this experiment but einstein special theory of relativity base is speed of light and his general theory of relativity base is gravity (space time curvature)…according to einstein special theory of relativity nothing can run fast more than speed of light …because

M=M0 sqrt 1-v^2/c^2

suppose M0=50kg and it could run fast at speed of light

so M=50/ sqrt 1-(299792.458/299792.458)^2

=50/sqrt 1-1



so if it will try to run fast more than speed of light it require more amount of energy according to E=mc^2…….so it will never run fast more than speed of light …………
but here neutrino has a mass or not if they have a mass they never run fast speed of light according to einstein but if they have no mass it can travel more than speed of light …..but in 1980 japanes physicist take a one experiment of this neutrino (in that experiment he was cover wall with metal and put in that cabin water and light detecter sensor put in wall hole if neutrino has mass it throw to electron of water and it reduce energy )finally he was prove that neutrino has a mass and won nobel prise in 2002 so how is it possible that neutrinos can run fast more than speed of light … same tekeyon particle its a antiparticle it already run fast more than speed of light …but it is antiparticle (antimatter universe) it is requirement more than speed of light because in antimatter universe all thing work like as a mirror universe …….but neutrino has no any charge but may be mistake in speed of light or may be mistake in this result ….may me i am wrong ……same in the case of photon if photon has light mass it never run fast at speed of light because M=M0 sqrt 1-v^2/c^2 but it already travel at speed of light so we can say that it has no mass then how possible photoelectric effect. according to nasa scientist photon have momentum……e=hf…e=pc……so…..pc=hf……so…………….. p=hf/c……….but …p=mv………so……….mv=hf/c…………but if m=0……so ………….hf/c=0…….so e=0….. how is it possible ……..i dont know the reality may be i am wrong……………………


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  1. Induchoodan permalink

    I never knew that Einstein’s theory could raise such strong negative emotions in so many people. In the beginning of the 20th century Einstein bashing was the favorite hobby of the red necks in Germany. It was essentially an antisemitic outburst. I don’t know the motivations behind the present “anti-Einsteinism”.

    For the first timer, Einstein’s theory can be most confusing. No wonder some part of that has been conveyed by in the comments quoted in the article.

    • Not just Einstein’s theory. I suspect it is a sense of inadequacy or insecurity that makes people indulge in bashing icons

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