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Blame it on the PM

September 27, 2011

The day has been great.

Sudheendra Kulkarni has been shut up in a jail for starting the cash-for-votes thing. Of course the opposition was playing to the galleries. It had laid a trap, but is it not what the government’s own anti-corruption agencies do, too? Is the difference that Kulkarni had no governmental status? Someone is saying he should have gone to the police. That is today’s joke number 2.

With no witness, or whistle-blower protection programmes, it is a pointer to the way things are.

Joke number 1 is the statement by Venugopal, senior CBI lawyer, in the highest court in the land.
“CBI is autonomous of government and fully independent body. No one can put words in our mouth on what we are going to do,” he said, disapproving of the Centre’s stand on CBI in connection to the finance ministry’s note to the Prime Minister’s Office(PMO) submitted to the apex court.

“Hurray. Opponents quarreling with each other. MMS govt says that CBI will probe and CBI says to hell with govt,” says the complainant, Subramanian Swamy in his twitter post.

Then the grand old man in Chennai has been saying that since the then Finance Minister approved of it, there is no malfeasance in the “spectrum scam”. So was the FM to blame? No, the PM says there was no malfeasance on his part.

And there is this blog by Minhaz Merchant in the Times of India website:

“The unconstitutional diminution of the PMO’s authority is partly responsible for the scams,” says Merchant. “Manmohan Singh bears absolute accountability without absolute power. Sonia Gandhi wields absolute power without absolute accountability.”

Dr Singh was picked as the PM as “he has no political ambitions, no political base (he is therefore an “unelectable tyrant” in a Congress spokeperson’s crude and inaccurate phraseology)” and  two, “having been an upright bureaucrat for most of his professional life, he is used to taking orders,” continues Merchant.

Surely. He must have taken orders from Julius Nyerere in the South Commission to release the report “Challenge to the South” in 1990, chastising the open market as unjust and neo colonialist. And Narasimha Rao, in 1991, to say the open market is the way.

Okay, blame it all on the PM.

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One Comment
  1. Induchoodan permalink

    I think the government is absolutely confounded by the issues. Its response is so blatantly stupid that any dim wit could see through it. I think the Supreme court is going to come very heavily on the government. Does any body get taken by the charade between the CBI and the govt’s attorney ? I have a strong feeling that one of these days, the Sardarji’s would excommunicate MMS as they may see him as a shame on their community.

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