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Help! They’re confusing me!

September 23, 2011

There was this young lady named Bright who created all confusion by returning before starting and getting Dr Gamow and the rest of us in the same semi jocular mood.

She must be much younger now, if she has been keeping at it with her faster-than-light travels – may be a baby?

Now I am told there are neutrinos that are travelling from CERN Geneva to OPERA at  San Grasso, Italy, 732 kilometres away under the Italian Apennines, in about two-and-a-half milliseconds, but still faster than light. They say the GPS based timing shows they travel in some 60 nanoseconds less time than what light would take.

I am confused. I thought they should arrive at San Grasso before they started from Geneva since they were travelling in the same way as Ms Bright, faster than light.

I say, they are taking advantage of my dotage.

Or the GPS, being info-tech based, must be doing something in or through cyberspace (not heard of by Einstein in his time) to provide a shorter path.

p.s. Seriously, CERN has a webcast on this, “New results from OPERA on neutrino properties”. It is going on right now, as I write this, at

They say they are recording it and it will be available later for viewing.


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