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Freudian Slip?

September 22, 2011

This is what the website of Times of India says today on P Chidambaram:

“NEW DELHI: In the midst of a raging controversy over a finance ministry note to the PMO, CBI on Thursday said it had examined the role of Union home minister P Chidambaram in connection with the 2G scam and there was no criminal capability on his part during his tenure as finance minister.” (stress added by me)

It is not known how the CBI was able to assess the capability of the Minister while he was in the Finance Ministry. But it would be uncharitable, just churlishness, to allege wrongdoing on a person incapable of it.

Or it could be an error on the part of the Old Lady of Bori Bunder in her web avatar. It would be uncharitable again, to allege purposeful typo on the part of the website, although the same words appear two times: in the copy and as a caption below PC’s picture (see screenshot).

It can then only be a Freudian slip. Or two.

Why should journalists have a repressed desire to find criminals in high places?

Tailpiece: Watch Bush the Elder’s Youtube clip where he says he had sex in the White House. With ?


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  1. Balagopala Kurup permalink

    Good observation. Perhaps there was no slip at all and CBI was IN FACT asssessing the capabiliy!

  2. Induchoodan permalink

    Of course, CBI knows who is the boss and boss is never wrong.

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