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The Curious Case of Julian Assange

September 7, 2011

Maya Memsaab is uncannily perceptive.

The whole world knows Julian Assange is anti-so many things. Now comes the revelation from Maya Memsaab that he is basically anti-Dalit.

We all know he had a terribly disrupted, and as a result possibly disturbed childhood. We know Assange was a hacker, ethical or otherwise depending on where your sympathies are, and has been prosecuted for it. He has also assisted the police of Victoria, Australia, prosecute others with respect to child exploitation incidents. We know he has had a life that is far from a settled one.

But insane? “I want to tell the government of his country that he is an insane person and so he should be kept in an asylum. But if they don’t have space left for him there, I want to ask them to send him to the mental hospital in Agra where there is enough space,” says Maya Memsaab, as quoted by the website of India Today.

The conspiracy seems to be unravelling inexorably, if ever so slowly.

All this ballyhoo leaking diplomatic cables and such has been only to lead up to the final magnum opus, the fabricated cables slinging mud at Maya Memsaab. Of course, the embassy-wallahs wouldn’t have sent them. Eccentric, paranoid dictator? Maya Memsaab?

His stepfather, from whom he took his surname, describes Julian Assange as someone who stood up for the underdog. A Dalit is by definition a suppressed person. He must be part of the conspiracy.

They are all ganging up against Memsaab under the treacherous Assange. Mulayamji, Advaniji, Soniaji, even Obamaji. Also Julian Assange’s stepfatherji.

Yes, we should have known all this when we saw Assange had used Mendax (“the deceitful” in Latin) as his assumed hacker-name!


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  1. Balu permalink

    Assange, a manuvadi ? That is a new one!

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